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  • Speakers Plus! Confidence. We recommend only fully qualified, experienced speakers, seminar/workshop leaders, consultants, entertainers, and lecturers. Every applicant we represent must pass a rigorous screening process.
  • Speakers Plus! Selection. We can open up a whole new world of opportunities for your event planning through our national network of dynamic professionals.
  • Speakers Plus! Stars. Does your event require a political or entertainment celebrity to lend the right tone and level of excitement? We can handle that. With our professional network of relationships, we can cut through the layers of handlers and contact the celebrities with whom you'd like to work. Please let us know your unique entertainment needs.

Speakers for ALL Occasions.

Whether your event is an hour of comedy, a week of management training, or business consulting, we will find the best for you.

Sales Meetings
Professional Training
Special Events
School Programs
Military Lectures

Speakers Plus! provides specialized training in a variety of fields and technologies...just tell us your need, and we'll do the rest!



" Thanks for your part in making our week-long conference a success! We appreciate your friendly service and prompt responses to our inquiries.

-- D. Meyer Deere & Company


  • Speakers Plus! Range. Whatever your event calls for — from a night of comedy to a week of specialized training — Speakers Plus! can offer the appropriate talent to assure a smashing success every time.
  • Speakers Plus! Reach. Whether your meeting is across the country, in another country, or in your own office, Speakers Plus! will provide a selection of speakers from whom to choose, suited to your needs and within your budget! Upon request, we will suggest speakers based in the region of your meeting to save on travel expenses, and we do an especially strong job if you're planning a meeting in the Middle-Atlantic or Southeastern United States. 


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