Greg Tamblyn



Nationally known writer and recording artist who combines stories of life with humorous songs about self-awareness, human relations, and using crisis and stress as a focal point for personal growth and healing.

Greg specializes in opening and closing conferences with musical keynotes for groups that want to laugh, lighten up, look at life differently, and live more effectively.

He primarily focuses on the serving, helping, and caregiving professions. As a conference weaver, Greg typically appears many times throughout the event to set a mood with his songs and entertaining ideas, and to actually "weave" the conference together by providing insight and continuity to the program. (He also will introduce other speakers and make announcements, always with a light touch if appropriate.) This adds a great deal to the enjoyment of any conference, but is especially helpful if the conference is rich with content-heavy speakers.

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    Greg Tamblyn

    "Entertainment with a message."

    Travels from:
    Kansas City, KS
    Current Topics
    • Motivation
    • Stress management
    • Relationships
    • Spirituality
    • Music
    • Entertainment
    Fee Range:
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