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In 1986, Ed Hearn fulfilled his childhood dream as a member of the World Champion New York Mets.

The following year with the Kansas City Royals, he was set to make those big "million dollar bank deposits" today's professional athletes are accustomed to, when suddenly, a serious shoulder injury brought a premature end to a very promising and brilliant career.

Determined to overcome this untimely setback, he made a successful transition into the "real world." But less than six months after his baseball career had ended, he was diagnosed with three very serious and potentially life threatening health conditions.

In just one short year, he had gone from being a big, strong, highly conditioned athlete, to a man who was too weak to get out of bed without assistance.

Today, after two life-changing kidney transplants, a successful bout with cancer, the aid of a breathing machine each night, a $3,000 IV once a month, and $40,000 of medication per year, Ed has come back to live a life that is truly an inspiration.

As author of Conquering Life's Curves, and speaker, his courage, faith and determination speak volumes to us as we face life's difficult challenges.

Yes, Ed Hearn is very entertaining, captivating and motivating, but what makes him so uniquely special is his genuine desire to empower and uplift those around him. His inspiring, real life message will leave your audience remembering him not so much as an athlete, but more as a man who has had a lasting impact on their lives.

Ed Hearn is the first and only, current or former professional athlete, from our country's four major sports, to receive the highest earned designation in professional speaking — the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional). Less than 7% of the 5,000 speakers who belong to the International Federation for Professional Speakers hold this designation!

Mr. Hearn is also the founder of The Bottom of the Ninth. As a nonprofit public charity, it's mission is to equip, support and provide resources to uniquely qualified role models who are committed to boldly rebuilding the spirit and character of our nation through personal testimony, mentoring, motivational presentation, and inspirational products.

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Ed Hearn
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