Tim Dannelly


Retired award winning Air Force Recruiter and seasoned professional in management, sales, public relations, broadcast and entertainment.

Tim conducts seminars and training workshops on human relations and sales techniques all over America.

His down-to-earth approach leaves his audiences with practical ways to apply new ideas and information, not just theory and "motivation" for a day.

Whether teaching a Sunday School Class, leading a sales seminar or delivering the keynote address at a national convention, Tim's warmth and humor will excite and challenge those who would seek higher levels of achievement.

Here is a sampling of his program titles:

    Traits of Successful People”  (motivational / management)

             Teambuilding, Leadership by Example & Motivation-includes:

    • Involving employees more often and more effectively
    • Helping employees win
    • Employee discipline that nets positive results
    • Professional conduct in the workplace, Empathetic leadership 


    Selling To Tough Customers” (sales)

             The steps of successful selling – includes:

    • Qualifying customers
    • Finding Customer Individuality and Customizing every sale
    • Involving the customer in the sales process
    • Closing with confidence and kindness, handling objections


    Managing Your Sales Career” (sales)

     The disciplines of self-management includes:

    • Positive prospecting and service
    • Product Knowledge and feature/benefit selling
    • How to make the Internet your asset


    Time Tested Ways to Increase Sales” (Experienced Salespeople, Sales Managers)

     Maximizing your sales income includes:

    • Why winners Return to the Basics
    • Beating the competition
    • How to find High Volume - High Profit Customers


    Show Me The Money Honey” (sales, retail, service, hospitality)

    Providing Outstanding Customer Service – includes:

    • How to Put your best foot forward
    • Helping customers enjoy the Buying process
    • Building Return Business and making more money

    Having The Time Of Your Life”
    (management / motivational / sales) 

    A crash course on organizational skills – includes:

    • Developing and keeping a Winning Attitude
    • Time Management for the Executive or the Janitor
    • Remaining Successful, even if you lose your job


    Keeping The Team Together" (management / leadership)

      Retaining good employees and keeping them happy – includes:

    • Why disagreement  happens among employees and toward management
    • Recommended styles of managing conflict
    • How to keep people productive

    People Skills for Professionals"
    (management / leadership / service / public contact)

    Enhancing professionalism in the workplace while meeting the public – includes:

    • Image in the office - What, How and Why
    • Recommended styles of successfully serving difficult people
    • How to enjoy every workday 


    My Plate Is Full” (management / motivational / sales)

    Dealing with Stress in today's workplace - includes:

    • Replacing activity with Accomplishment
    • Goal Setting in the real world
    • Handling Stress without getting weird

    This Is Your Time”
    (motivational / sales)

    Building joy into your life and the lives of others - includes:

    Making wise Fitness & Nutrition choices

    Building your own Self-esteem

    Making an impact on those in your world

    Effective Speaking for the NON-Speaker”  (management / sales)

    How to give a speech with confidence–includes:

    • Basic essentials of successful Communication
    • How to calmly deliver an interesting speech
    • Speaking without notes and without notice


    Real Selling For Real Estate Professionals” (Real Estate Sales, Property Management)

    A proven plan for successfully selling and listing real property – includes:

    • Who is a Customer - and who isn't
    • How to make the property come alive
    • When to discuss the contract and earnest money
    • Closing with confidence and kindness, handling objections


    Selling Cars For Fun And Profit” (Automotive Sales)

             A proven plan for successfully selling vehicles – includes:

    • Determining what it's going to take to earn their business
    • How to help the Customer mentally own the car
    • Negotiating with confidence and holding gross profit
    • Closing with confidence and kindness, handling objections


    The Student Customer”  (Professonal Educators, Educational Support Staf

    Providing Outstanding Service to Students – includes:

    • How to Put the Institution's best foot forward
    • Handling Student Concerns professionally
    Building Team Spirit among the Staff


Tim Dannelly
Travels from:
Edenton, NC
Current Topics
  • Sales training
  • Success
  • Motivation
  • Stress management
  • Goal setting
  • Communications
  • Management development
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