Checklist for Experienced Speakers

Here are the factors that let a speakers bureau know that you are ready to be represented.

We constantly add qualified speakers with proven success to our speaker roster. Think of Speakers Plus! as a sales representative for your speaking talent. The more professional, complete, and convincing package you provide us and our clients (meeting planners), the more bookings we can close.

We are in search of talented speakers who will offer only the best services to our clients, quote the same fees direct as through the bureau, and represent us well.

We do not promise a particular number of bookings, and hold no rights to programs booked directly through your office or by other bureaus. We do ask that you pay close attention to where your leads come from, and refer any inquiries that come as a result of our booking or marketing back to us.

Although we do not charge listing fees or hold exclusive rights to book any speaker, many speakers choose to include our toll-free number and contact information on material.

Please forward at least one bureau-friendly promotional package, which should include as many of the following as possible:

  • Audio and/or video demos
  • Updated calendar
  • One-sheets or brochures
  • Descriptions of programs
  • Sample articles or books
  • Commissionable fee schedule
  • Biography
  • Endorsement letters
  • Photograph
  • Three or more current client references (one bureau if possible)*

"Bureau-friendly" means that each piece should have your name and title and our contact info or space for our stamp.

If possible, we would like to see you in action or have a video or audio of your full program.

Please be patient. Give us a few weeks to review your package and add you to our listings.


What's Next?
Work with Speakers Plus! to build your skills and exposure.
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