Talent by Price Ranges

Speakers Plus! can provide experts and celebrities to accommodate any budget. To give you an idea of the exceptional talent that your budget can bring in we've listed some of our most in-demand speakers in each fee category below:

Budget per speaker is $20,000 and above

Tom Brokaw, Jack Canfield, Pat Croce, Maddy Dychtwald, Cheryl Richardson, Dave Barry, James O'Toole, Phylicia Rashad, Janet Reno, Al Roker, Picabo Street, Dr. Susan Love, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Susanne Somers, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Ken Blanchard, Gerald Meyers, Les Brown, Linda Ellerbee, ...

Budget per speaker is $10,000 up to $20,000

Arden "Albert Einstein" Bercovitz, Willie Jolley, Mackenzie Phillips, Bill Brooks, Glenna Crooks, Capitol Steps, Maddy Dychtwald, Stacy Allison, John Amatt, Patricia Evans, Jim Hightower, Loretta LaRoche, Deborah Roberts, Nido Qubein, The Raspyni Brothers, Ben Vereen, Pat Schroeder, The Water Coolers, Pat Williams...

Budget per speaker is $5,000 up to $10,000

John Alston,  Jim Carroll, Molly Cox, Harry Freedman, Yossi Ghinsberg, Kevin Kelly, Frank King, Rick Maurer, Jackie Pflug, Mike Schlappi, Beverly Smallwood, Jennifer Webb, Bruno Cortis, Mort Crim, Jeff Davidson, Scott Friedman, Mark LeBlanc, Hope Mihalap, Patricia Evans, Dan Poynter, ...

Budget per speaker is $1,500 up to $5,000

Roger & Cathy Cawthon, Tim Dannelly, Robert Elliott, Mike Frank, Sonia Fuentes, Kimberly Goddard, Ed Hearn, Gail Hahn, Greg Tamblyn, Kristin Arnold, Pat Moore, Elizabeth Thompson, James (Scotty) Scott, David Meinz, ...

Budget per speaker is $1,500 and below
(Special listing is now being compiled.)

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