Questions and Answers for Meeting Planners

Why should I work with Speakers Plus?

We have chosen to build a business that focuses solely upon expertise in qualifying and booking professional speakers, a full-time job! We have more than ten years of experience booking the best speakers at the right prices — we know the speakers and have stayed in business by providing a valuable service to our meeting planners.

Meeting planners can relax and know that there is a professional taking care of details such as contracting and looking out for your best interests. Also, we can replace a speaker who is forced to cancel with short notice. Our goal is to form a long term relationship with our meeting planners. We have a vested interest in helping you to be a hero and spread the word within your organization.

What is the difference between an agency and a bureau?

An agent signs an exclusive contract with one or more speakers, and anyone who books the exclusive speaker(s) must go through the agent. A bureau lists qualified speakers, but does not have any obligation to one or more particular speakers, freeing the bureau to make the best possible choices for the clients. Many bureaus have exclusive contracts with a few speakers, and a few agents list speakers that are not exclusive. Speakers Plus is a non-exclusive bureau. Meeting planners' best interests are our main priority.

May I book speakers with more than one bureau?

As the client (customer) you may choose to work with any speakers bureau you wish. The exception to this is when you have signed a contract with a bureau stating that you will book all future speakers through that bureau. It is important to understand the contract you sign.

If a speaker has an exclusive contract with a given speakers bureau, must I book the speaker with that bureau?

Most "Exclusive Speakers" are available for co-brokering. That means if you wish to book a speaker through a bureau that has an exclusive contract with another bureau, the first bureau usually can co-broker with the bureau that holds the contract.

Wouldn't it cost less to go directly to the speaker(s)?

No, it shouldn't. Speakers promise speaker bureaus that the fees we quote are the same as those quoted directly. The bureau receives a percentage for its marketing efforts. A few celebrities require us to "add-on" a commission, but that situation is rare, and a small bureau fee is well worth a bureau's advocacy. If a speaker quotes a lower fee, he or she is being dishonest with one of us, and is that the kind of speaker you want in front of your audience?

Why can't you tell me which celebrities are available?

Celebrities do not gain the designation by sitting around twiddling their thumbs. Seriously, most high profile celebrities and their agents require a firm offer to book before holding a date. We ask that you pick two to three from the qualified list we have carefully chosen to meet your meeting needs. Then we will submit firm offers based on your order of preference.

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